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what is a total line bet (1)

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What Is an Under or Over bet

What Is an Under or Over bet

Every casino has a sportsbook, and there are a lot of bets that can win a lot of money. One of these bets can be the total line bet or as it is often called the under or over bet. This wager starts out by giving you a total number. Let’s say the number is 65. What this wager is wanting you to do is pick an over or under. Over meaning that the total points combined(scored) by both teams in the final overall score gets passed 65. Under meaning the exact opposite, that the overall score of both teams added up will be below 65.

what is an over or under bet (1)

What Is an Under or Over bet

What to think about – You first want to see if the wager is even reasonable to wager. Most casinos are pretty accurate with their guesses. A total line bet is always going to be -110, meaning you have to bet $110 to win a 100. You also need to see if there is a half a point on the over and under. Most of time you will see a number like 65.5, that way there is no chance of a tie between you and the casino. If the number is exact like 65 then you need to see what the casino does with ties. They will either say you lose on a tie or it is a push. Most of the time it is a push.

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What Is an Under or Over bet

Simple strategy of a total line bet – The simple strategy to this bet, is usually one question. Will this be a offensive or defensive game. This question is of course up in the air, but if you study and research the correct stuff, you can usually get a pretty good guess. If you have two teams with awesome offense’s and the spread is anywhere under 60, it is usually a good choice to take the over. Usually being the keyword there. Anything can happen. You can wager over or under on a straight bet or parlays.

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