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What Is a Teaser Bet

What Is a Teaser Bet

Teaser cards are bets that rely on the spread. On a teaser card the spreads are a little different. This wager is called a teaser because the favored teams have to cover fewer points, and the underdog teams is given more points to help them. Sportsbook supply a teaser card just like a parlay card. It will say Teaser on the top of it. Some cards have the spreads already adjusted and allow you to go through and pick them. Some cards the given points will be at the top in bold letters along with the regular spreads on them. Then you have the option to go through and pick which ones you want an extra points on. For example, the Titans and chiefs play, and the chiefs have a 7.5 point spread and a 65 over or under. You have the opportunity to subtract 6 points from the Chiefs spread and making it 1.5 or adding 6 points to the Titans spread and making it 13.5 and you can take either. For the over or under you can subtract 6 as well making it 59. This counts as a two team bet.

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What are The Odds of a Teaser

This is the catch of a teaser. The odds differ from regular parlays. A teaser you must have a minimum of two teams, and the odds are less, making the payout less. Every sportsbook has their own odds, but they are all similar. The payout depends on two things. The first being how many points you are given, and the second being how many teams you choose. If you are given 5 points and you pick 5 teams the odds will be around +500 which is 5 to 1 odds. Meaning betting a $100 and every team wins you get a payout of $600. Here is a sportsbook reference that is close.

What is a teaser bet

What is The Strategy of a Teaser

Many people think teaser are for suckers, and many also think teasers are the way to go every time. So the best thing to do is try it out yourself and get your own opinion. However, this goes both ways. The simple strategy of a teaser is do not get to crazy with anything. Stick to simple bets and stay within a given point spread of 10. This makes it where the payouts are still profitable and you are not hoping for miracles at the same time. Sucker bets is betting on 15 teams, so stay within 7 teams and you still have the chance to win big, and the last thing there is nothing wrong with taking 3 teams and it only paying $70 on every $100 you spend, Most adrenaline sport junkies forget that concept. Don’t fall into that trap, bet smart.

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