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rules of a super teaser (1)

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What is a Super Teaser

What is a Super Teaser

A super teaser is just like a regular teaser bet but you are given more points to the favored team or the underdog. A super teaser works to your advantage, but the payout will be less. This wager is just like a parlay. With as super teaser you must choose 4-20 wagers and they must all win in order for you to get a payout. Depending on the casino the payout can differ. However, with a 4 team wager you will get around 11 to 5 odds and this can go all the way up to 80 to 1.

What is a super teaser (1)

Rules of a Super Teaser

The rules are the exact same as a regular teaser. You can bet on the spread or the over or under. Let’s say the Titans and Chiefs play and the spread is 7.5 and the over and under is 65. A super teaser is going to give you a lot of points, most will give 10. If bet on the favored team, which is the chiefs the spread is now +2.5, and the Chiefs can win or lose by 2.5 and you still win. The over/under works the same way, you can make the over 75 now. It works the same way when betting on the Titans. They are give 7.5 points, now with the ST they are given 17.5 points and can lose by 17.5 and you still win. Great bet right??! It is a great bet, but the payout decreases by a lot compared to a regular teaser or a parlay.

rules of a super teaser (1)
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