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What Is a Straight Bet

What Is a Straight Bet

The sportsbook in the casino is a great way to make money. One bet you can place on teams is a simple straight bet. A straight bet is a wager on one single team. This bet can be on the money line, or the spread. For example, the Titans and Ravens are playing, you place a $100 wager on the spread which is 10.5. The Titans win by 16. Every spread wager is -110, so you win $190 with a profit of $90.

simple strategy of a straight bet

What Is a Straight Bet

Things to think about – If betting on the money line you have nothing to worry about, this is a straight up bet that is either a win or a loss. However, if betting on the spread, it can be a little different. Depending on the casino a tie is probable. That is why you see most spreads with a 1/2 a point more. If the spread has a .5 a point then there is no way a tie can happen because a team can not score a half a point, But if a team’s spread is exactly 7 then you need to check with a casino what the rules are on a tie. Most casinos win if it is a tie, but some casinos it is a simple push and you get your money back.

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What Is a Straight Bet

Simple Strategy of a Straight bet – There is a simple strategy that everyone follows regardless if they know it or not. This strategy is do not make silly bets. Straight bets are for profit. Not betting $15 to win $2000. Most straight bets are high in cost and don’t always payout maximum price. For example. wagering $200 to win $180, wagering $500 on a SURE BET to only win $250. This can also go the other way if the underdog has a moneyline of +250 and you think that team has a pretty good chance to win, a straight bet on that team is most of time in favor of betting on a team with a moneyline of -400. Stay away from silly bets and avoid betting on a team with the money line of -250 or lower.


Sure bet – the opposite of an underdog.



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