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what is a reverse teaser (1)

Reverse Teaser

What is a Reverse Teaser

What is a Reverse Teaser

A reverse teaser bet pays out really big compared to other bets in the sportsbook. Not all sportsbook have them. A reverse teaser is a wager based off the point spread. In a reverse teaser the favored team has to win by a lot more, or the underdog has to cover the spread of more or simply win. That is why it is called a reverse teaser, because the spreads get larger instead of smaller like a regular teaser does.

what is a reverse teaser (1)

How Does a Reverse Teaser Work

A RT can be wagered on the point spread or the under and over. For example let’s say the Titans play the Chiefs and the spread is 7.5, and the over and under is 65. The Titans being the underdogs, you think they will win. The sportsbook will have cards already made for you. Based on which one you get will determine the point spread. Look carefully they might have different point spreads on the cards. You pick up a card and the teaser is 6 points. You can take the Chiefs and the over making the Chiefs have to win by 13.5 or more, and the overall score combined must be 71. Otherwise, you can take the Titans and the under or over. The Titans have to win straight up or only lose by 1.5 and the under or over can be 71 or 59. You must at least choose 3-8 wagers on a RT card. The odds are a lot higher on this wager. Some casinos pay 20 to 1 on just 3 teams.

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What Is The Strategy of a Reverse Teaser

The simple strategy of a reverse teaser is to be smart with your bets. If you see a point spread that is to big and you think the underdog has a better chance than most people think, then you place that wager. Where people get ahead of themselves is when they believe to much or they don’t respect the lines. The lines are usually pretty close to the actual final score, so don’t try to beat every point spread. Spot the flaws, and study the games and you can come out on top.

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