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What Is a Parlay

What Is a Parlay

There are many bets to do in the sportsbook of a casino. One of the bets that a player can do is called a parlay. A parlay is betting on more than one team, either on the spread, or the money line. For example, The Titans and Ravens play, and the Packers and Vikings play. You place a parlay bet on the Titans to win and also the Packers to win. So you are saying Both these teams will win. That is the simple explanation. Well why make a parlay bet? The player could just bet straight up on each game right?

what is a parlay

Why Play a Parlay

The reason people bet on parlays is because payouts are bigger. Let’s take the example above, let’s say the money line on the Packers and the Titans is both +100. If you bet $100 straight up on each game seperate and both teams won. You win $400 with a profit of $200. If you bet on both teams winning you would win $500 with a profit of $300. With each game you add on to the parlay your odds go up and the payout is larger. For example, if you bet $10 on a 8 team parlay with every game on the spread which is automatically -110. The payout would be $1754. So if every team won by the spread you would win a wild amount. The odds of that are very low.

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What are the Advantages

Negatives and positives – The positives are of course the better payout. Who wouldn’t want more money right! That is the only positive. So I suggest if you place a parlay, make sure you are confident with the teams and do not choose all underdogs. The negatives are of course, one being that every team has to win or you get nothing at all. There are no payouts for coming close. Looking for a parlay calculator click here.

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