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simple strategy of a money line bet


What is a Moneyline Bet

What is a Moneyline Bet

Sportsbooks can be intimidating and a lot is going on. When you see a -200 on the huge TV in front of you. That is called a moneyline bet. A moneyline bet can range from anywhere to the negatives to the positives. When you see negative moneyline odds for example, -200. This means you have to bet $200 to win $100. Another example is -1000. You must bet $1000 to win a $100. This doesn’t mean you have to bet whatever the moneyline odds are. If the money line bet is -200, you can bet $47 to win 70.50 with a profit of 23.50.

simple strategy of a money linebet

What is a Moneyline Bet

What is a positive money line bet – A positive money bet works the same way. For example, if the moneyline bet was +200 that means if you bet $100 you profit $200 with a payout of $300. Moneyline bets can be any number. They can be -230, +125, or -1235. You can not tie when wagering a moneyline bet. You either win or you lose.

simple strategy of a money line bet

Simple Strategy

Simple Strategy of a moneyline odds – Moneyline bets are very simple. So how do we bet them? You can parlay them or you can straight bet them. If the moneyline is higher than -250 most people will straight bet them. This means that they can still bet a decent amount and still get a good payout. Anything lower it isn’t worth it unless you are betting a lot of money, and even then there is probably another bet that is better on the board.

Many people will pick very low Moneyline odds like -400, -550, -340, -200 and they will parlay them. When they are parlayed you get the parlay odds added on so the payout is often a little more and you did not pick underdogs. If we bet $100 on the example above you get a profit of $186 if every team wins. This is way more than betting a straight bet of $100 on -500 team.

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