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What game is best to play in casinos


What Games Are Best to Play In The Casino

What Games Are Best to Play In The Casino


We all love the adrenaline rush of casino games, But we also want to win some money. So what games are best to play in the Casino? The ones with the lowest house odds are! Let’s first start with Baccarat. Baccarat is a very simple game and you either bet on the player which is you, or the banker which is the dealer. It’s simple the closest to 9 without going over wins the bet. If betting on the player the house has a 1.2% house edge. If betting on the banker the house edge is only 1%.

how to play baccarat
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What Games Are Best to Play In The Casino


Craps is a dice game. You make a bet on one of the many bets on table, and you blow the dice and roll them hoping to hit your bet. The house odds range from 1.4% to 17%. There are SUCKER BETS on the table which have very high house odds. These bets are in the middle of the table and are a one time roll bet. Stay away from these. In order for you to get the lowest house odds you need to stay on the pass line, Come, don’t pass line, or don’t come bets. These drop the house odds and are won with multiple dice rolls not just one. If played right you can actually take odds in craps which you should almost always do and this drops the house edge to 0%!

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What Games Are Best to Play In The Casino


Blackjack goes both ways. The only way to give the house the smallest edge is if you play a certain way. If blackjack was played solely on the player’s gut feeling, then the house has far more advantage over you. However, if you stick to basic strategy and memorize or have a basic strategy card then the house’s edge can drop down to 2%. If you can count cards which takes a lot of practice, even with several decks in the dealer’s hand, the houses edge can even be dropped more and can eventually even be in your favor.

how to play blackjack
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What Games Are Best to Play In The Casino


Roulette is a wheel and ball game, basically you pick a bet on the table then you roll a wheel with 37 or 38 numbers and if the ball lands on your bet then you get a payout. It works the same way as craps, it has sucker bets and these bets are very silly to bet on and give the house edge a huge percentage. You want to stay on bets based on simple roulette strategy. These can drop the house edge down to 2-3%. Roulette can be very fun just like blackjack and craps but you must stick to logical bets.


Sucker bet – a bet that has a very low chance of hitting and doesn’t pay full odds.

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