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How to play three card poker


How To Play Three Card Poker

How To Play Three Card Poker

How to play three card poker – In three card poker you are playing against the dealer, just like blackjack. The dealer will give you three cards face down, and they will give themselves three cards face down as well. You are trying to beat their 3 cards with your 3 cards by making normal poker hands. There are two bets that are important when playing this game. The first bet is the ante wager, it is a simple bet that can be within the wager of the table minimum and maximum. This bet is simply saying that you are betting you are going to beat the dealer. Some casinos have an ante payout on a straight or higher. Usually the odds being around 4 to 1.

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How To Play Three Card Poker

The next wager that will be on the three card poker table is the pair or better bet. This bet is independent from the ante wager. This bet is where you get paid higher odds and make money. You can place a wager on this and when you receive your three cards you will look at them and if you have a pair or higher you get those odds that are on the table. This wager has no effect on the ante wager, and you can play them at the same time. If you lose to the dealer but still hit a pair or higher you still get that payout.

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How to Play Three Card Poker

The last thing you need to know is, just like in poker you have the option to fold or play. This is where strategy comes in. The ante wager also has a play wager. Basically if you think your hand can beat the dealer’s hand, then you will choose to play and put the same amount as the ante wager down. Let’s do a walkthrough. You place a $25 ante wager down, your cards come out and you have a pair, so you choose to play. At this time you put $25 on the play spot on the table and the dealer will flip their cards over.

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If the dealer beats you then they collect all $50, if you beat the dealer they pay you 1 to 1 odds, so a profit of $50. However, you also have the option to fold. Let’s say you get your three cards and they are below a queen high. Well in this situation you should fold. So you fold and you lose your $25 and the next hand is dealt. That is the fold option, you basically cut your losses and move on.

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