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How to play texas hold'em


How to play Texas Hold’em

How to play Texas Hold’em

How to play Texas Hold’em – You get Two cards face down each hand. With these two cards you will be able to create a POKER HAND out of the 10 possibilities. The table you sit at will be an oval shape table and there will be up to 10 people to your left and right. In order to make these hands the dealer will lay out 5 cards in the middle, These are the community cards. This is how you make a ranked hand. These community cards are used by all players around you. The 4 stages you need to remember for the community cards are the PRE FLOP where bets are placed before the community cards are seen. Second the FLOP where the dealer BURNS one card and lays out 3 community cards face up. The TURN where the dealer burns one card and lays down the 4th card face up, and the RIVER the dealer burns one card and lays down the final 5th community card face up.

How to play Texas Hold’em

How to play texas hold'em

How to play Texas Hold’em– Now before each stage bets are placed based on the hand you have. For example,

bets are placed before the cards are dealt based on the two cards you have. The flop comes out which is three community cards. Now bets are placed based on your cards and the community cards you now have. Then the turn comes out “another community card”. Bets are places once again, and lastly the river comes out and the final bets are placed and everyone’s two cards are shown and the winner gets all the bets ‘The POT“.

How to play Texas Hold’em

How to play texas hold'em

How to play Texas Hold’em – Now that you know the simple concept. Before you hit the tables and get confused. You need to know the poker lingo and how BLINDS work. The terms you need to know for betting purposes are CHECK, CALL, FOLD, and ALL IN. For blind purposes the terms are DEALER, SMALL BLIND, BIG BLIND. Check means there is no bet to you and you would also not like to bet. Call means someone bet before you and now it is your turn and you decide to also bet that amount “you called their bet”. Fold means someone bet before and you do not want to call them because you have a bad hand. So you fold your cards and return them to the dealer face down. You are now out of this hand and can not lose any more money.

How to play Poker

How to play Texas Hold’em – betting purposes and strategy there is a marker that is passed around. This indicates the dealer. The cards will be dealt first to the left of the dealer, with the dealer marker receiving the last and final card. The dealer is last to act each stage except pre flop. That is a huge advantage. To the left of the dealer you have small blind, To the left of the small blind you have big blind. Let’s say the blinds are 1-2. The small blind will be $1. The big blind has to be $2. Each player after that has the option to fold their cards or raise or call $2 and play the round. It will get back to the small blind and they have the option to call the other $1 and play or take their losses and fold. The last action will be the big blind. They have the option to bet and raise the blind the other players have to call or fold. Otherwise they simply check and the flop comes out. Then from there on the small blind acts first and the dealer acts last. Lastly the word BLUFF will come up. Bluff means you bet on any stage but you do not have a good hand. You are getting the other players to think you have a good hand which could result in them folding and you winning.

How to play texas hold'em

How to play Texas Hold’em – The ranked hands are above. These are the possible hands you can get to beat the other players. The highest is the royal flush and going from left to right they get weaker. The lowest hand is a high card. You need to know these hands by heart before you hit the tables. This will determine how much you bet. The numbers and suits above DO NOT have to be exactly the same. For example a straight is any 5 numbers in a row. An ace can be 1 or the highest card. Straights do not wrap around, meaning it can not be K, A, 2, 3 , 4. A full house is just three cards of the same number and two other cards of the same number. And so on you get the objective. With each hand the percentages go down of getting them. That is how they are ranked. As you can see you only take the best 5 cards out of your cards and the community cards. The final thing you need to know is each casino has a RAKE. For example for every hand they take $5 from the pot. This is different for every casino.

How to play Texas Hold’em

Keywords to remember before you hit the poker tables –

POKER HAND – Any combination of 5 cards that make a hand.

COMMUNITY CARDS – 5 cards in the middle that are face up and everyone can use

POT – The middle area where all the money(chips) are placed.

BURN – the dealer places a card face down and then reveals cards face up.

PRE FLOP – Before any community cards are dealt.

FLOP – 3 community cards are dealt.

TURN – 1 community is placed after that flop.

RIVER – 1 community is placed after that turn.

CHECK – There is no bet to you and you also do not want to bet.

CALL – You bet the same amount someone else bet.

FOLD – You do not want to bet and you get out of the hand(return cards to dealer face down).

ALL IN – Bet all your chips.

DEALER – A maker that is passed around that states the player to act last.

SMALL BLIND – Left of the dealer.

BIG BLIND – Left of the small blind.

BLUFF – Betting as if you have a good hand but you do not.

RAKE – Every hand the casino takes a small percentage.

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