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How to play Craps

How to play Craps

How to play Craps – Craps is a very popular game in all casinos and looks very tricky when first approached. Craps is one of the best games for the player to play because the house advantage is just under 1%. Craps has several wagers you can play either at once or just one wager at a time. You place your bet on the board and you roll the dice.

How to play Craps

Craps has many bets that may intimidate you at first but are very simple when studied. The main bet in craps is the pass line bet. The players place their bets on the pass line. Then proceeds to roll the dice hoping for a 7 or 11 to win instantly. If rolled 2,3, or 12 the player loses instantly. Any other number gets rolled it becomes what is called the POINT. The POINT then gets placed on what number the player rolled and now the player has to roll that POINT before he rolls a seven or the player loses. If the POINT gets rolled then the player keeps rolling a new come-out until they have rolled a seven.

POINT – the dice have already been rolled and whatever number was rolled the point will be on that number.

The COME BET is the exact same style, but in order to bet on the come bet there must already be a POINT in play. From there you may place a bet that states that that number will come before the seven.

The DON’T COME BET and the DON’T PASS BAR are the exact opposite of the COME BET and PASS BAR bets. If the SHOOTER rolls a 2 or 3 you win instantly and if rolled a 7 or 11 you lose instantly if rolled a 12 it is a PUSH. These bets have a slightly better advantage for the player, because if a POINT gets rolled and the bet is on the DON’T COME. The player is betting that a seven will come before the POINT which is more likely considering the seven has the highest percentage to be rolled.

How to play Craps

Other bets like the 6/8 bet or the FIELD BET are called ONE TIME BETS. The Field consist of the numbers 2,3,4,9,10,11,12 if rolled then the player wins. The 6/8 bet is a basic bet that 6 or 8 will be rolled the next roll, which are the most frequent winning numbers.

The middle section of the board are for the gamblers and the get rich quick people. The rectangle in the middle consist of 11 bets that pay between 4:1 and 30:1. You get one chance to roll what you bet on to win this bet.

How to play Craps

POINT – the dice have already been rolled and whatever rolled the point will be on that number

SHOOTER – the player rolling the dice

COME BET – betting that the point will come before a seven

DON’T COME BET – betting that a seven will come before the point

PASS LINE – instant win if rolled a 7 or 11. Instant lose if rolled 2,3,12 other wise point moves to number rolled and the bet goes to the come bar.

DON’T PASS LINE -instant win if rolled 2,3. Instant lose if rolled 7 or 11. Otherwise point gets moves to number rolled and bet goes to don’t come bar

FIELD BET – Betting that the numbers 2,3,4,9,10,11,12 will be rolled next.

ONE TIME BET –  a bet that only gets one roll to win.

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