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blackjack strategy card


Basic Blackjack strategy card

Basic Blackjack strategy card

This is a Basic Blackjack Strategy card. When many people refer to TABLE RULES this is what they mean. Making certain actions to help the table. If you are not following a strategy or a certain system of your own. You should follow this basic strategy card. This card decreases the dealers chance to win slightly. Plus it keeps you on the good side of everyone at the table.

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basic blackjack strategy

Basic Blackjack strategy card

The great thing about this card, just like the dealer is you have preset rules. You have to HIT, STAND, SPLIT, or DOUBLE according to your cards and the dealers showing card. Your “gut feeling” that the dealer has a low card is not in play. You should always assume that the dealer has a 10. That is what this Basic Blackjack strategy card is applying.

TABLE RULES – A common sense term that means that each person at the table should follow a basic set of rules that not only helps them but the table as well.

HIT – When the player signals the dealer to give them another card to add to their total.

STAND – When the player signals the dealer to not get another card and move on to the next player because they are happy with their score

SPLIT – When the player has two of the same cards and splits both of them into two separate hands, which doubles their bet.

DOUBLE – When the player chooses to double their bet but only get one more card.

SOFT HAND – When taking a hit you cannot bust, mainly because the ACE acts as a 1 or 11.

HARD HAND – When you don’t have an ACE in your hand and you can bust if you were to hit with one more card.

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